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All Things Wild is just that…about all things wild. Whether you want to see the remaining white rhinos of South Africa, the powerful jaguars of Brazil’s Pantanal or walk amongst the coastal brown bears of Alaska, we lead private wildlife photography journeys around the world. As is one of our cornerstones, no two tours are the same, and your international tour will be designed completely for you and your group.

We love co-creating your dream trip with you. 

Something to keep in mind, when it comes to photography itineraries, there are more general wildlife itineraries to help you make photographs of many different species, and then there are the deep dive, specific itineraries that target one species in particular. 

We’ve listed some of our more popular itineraries below, and can co-create your dream itinerary to anywhere in the world from the Arctic to Antarctica. 

 Mysterious, vast and wild are just a few words to describe Alaska. The 49th State is a rugged, Northern wilderness that doesn’t bend to our human fancies and conveniences; we move about within its law. Simply put, there is no place like Alaska. From sprawling Denali National Park with its grizzly bears, wolves, caribou, moose, ptarmigan, dall sheep and more, to the marine coasts of the Kenai and the Alaskan Peninsula to walk amongst the famous coastal brown bears as they fish for salmon, to the overwhelmingly giant glaciers and feeding whales of the Prince William Sound, Alaska is a pristine wild world of its own. Our primary goal is to spend time on foot photographing the coastal brown bears - we can either do this lodge based or boat based. 

Main Interests for Photography: Coastal Brown Bears, Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Humpback Whales, Orca Whales, Glaciers, Denali Landscapes

Alaska - The Land of the Bears

San Juan Islands - Orcas & Sunsets

The San Juan Islands pulse with life from the sea to the earth to the sky. Nestled between Seattle and Vancouver Island, the San Juan Islands are home to the most famous orcas in the world: the fish eating resident orcas of the Salish Sea, aka Free Willy’s Family. Every summer, these endangered orcas gather and socialize in giant greetings and play as they hunt king salmon. Adjacent to them yet never breeding or mixing, are the transient orcas, a group of marine mammal eating orcas. These different groups have different cultures, languages and general ways of behavior. It’s fascinating! We enjoy private whale watching charter boats and hope to see orcas, humpbacks, harbor porpoises, Steller’s sea lions, elephant seals, otters, puffins, bald eagles, cormorants and more. It is a true marine safari with some of the most spectacular and vibrant sunsets we’ve ever enjoyed. 

Main Interests for Photography: Orcas, Sunsets, Steller’s sea lions, rookery of Brandt’s cormorants
This tour can also feature general tour extensions in: Seattle, Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, Vancouver Island.

Brazil - jaguars

This adventure is truly a glimpse into three distinct areas of wild Brazil. From the humid and dense Southern Amazon Rainforest, to the marshland of the Pantanal, to the savannah plains of Emas, this unique tour has essentially three chapters to the storybook of your Brazil journey and each one is filled with unique wildlife. What’s a more famous forest in the world than the Amazon Rainforest? It towers above all other ecosystems in terms of its sheer gargantuan amount of biodiversity. From iridescent insects, to massive nut trees, to the most colorful birds in the world, to bizarre mammals, the rainforest is a giant playground for any adult who loves wildlife. It’s like walking through a coral reef. After the little things of the rainforest, we venture into the Pantanal and into the land of the jaguars. Riding on private boats through the ribbons of rivers, we will photograph and focus on jaguars. This is the best place in the world to photograph jaguars. We also aim to photograph caiman, capybara and giant river otters. Then we head to the red and golden savannahs at Emas to photograph giant anteater, maned wolf and giant armadillo. Whew! What a massive deep dive into Brazil’s unique wildlife!

Main interests for photography: jaguars, tapir, harpy eagle, giant river otter, neotropical river otter, capybara, caiman, maned wolf, giant anteaters, jabiru stork, macaws

South Africa -
Wild Elegance Safari 

South Africa is one of our absolute favorite countries. The people are full of laughter and warmth, the landscape varies from the rocky blue-gray coasts of Cape Town to the orange and green-gold of the savannahs, the local food and wine are some of the best in the world, there’s rich history, and the diversity of wildlife is staggering. South Africa has it all from high-end luxury lodges to basic, connected, canvas tent camping in big five areas. It is wild blended with bush luxury. There are so many places to visit and so many different things to focus on photographically, that this trip is completely customized to your desires. We also work with various on the ground, local conservation partners, and for a donation, can participate in a hands-on conservation activity such as rhino dehorning, wild dog tracking, and wild dog, lion or elephant collaring or pangolin release/monitoring. Let’s start a conversation to build your dream journey throughout South Africa.

Main Interests for Photography: The Big Five (rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, cape buffalo), wild dog, hippo, greater kudu, giraffe, pangolin, impala, hyena, aardvark, eland

Examples of Optional Activities: Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch, Art Galleries, White Shark Diving, Whale Watching, visit to Robben Island, wild meerkat experience

Namibia - Desert Days & Starry Nights

Namibia is one the least densely populated countries in the world. It has true desert, and with it, the species who have adapted and evolved to live in the desert. Namibia is a country unlike any other. From its rolling red-orange sand dunes right along the ocean, to the mars-like, rocky black volcanic hills, to the white sanded big five areas to the North, Namibia is a stunning, prehistoric landscape. This tour is about landscape and the wildlife within it. Just as characters in certain movies can’t be separated from the setting, neither can the wildlife be photographed separately from Namibia itself. Oryx crossing red dunes, black maned lions in the stark white-gold desert, desert adapted elephants crossing through purple ancient rock structures or caked in white sand. Namibia is wildlife, vast skies, and place. This tour takes us from Soussesvlei and the red sand dunes, through the middle of Namibia and the little German coastal town, Swakopmond, up to Etosha for the big five. Along the way there are the endangered desert adapted elephants, oryx, ostrich, black rhino, the ancient plant welwitschia, early human petroglyph sites and more. Namibia is a must visit place for wildlife and landscape lovers.

Main interests for photography: elephants, black rhino, lion, oryx, eland, Soussesvlei sand dunes, landscapes

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